Ormond Beach Insurance – Liquor Liability

Numerous businesses serve alcoholic beverages, which goes without saying can present circumstances where an incident may arise, and the business owner is faced with a lawsuit for property and/or medical expenses. Liquor Liability coverage will cover those business owners who operate establishments that sell, product, and/or serve alcohol. These policies encompass all legal alcohol sold within the state, including liquor, wine and beer.

What is the cost of an Ormond Beach Liquor Liability insurance policy?

Your Ormond Beach insurance agent can talk to you about the type of Liquor Liability license you need to cover your business. The coverage and rate of your Ormond Beach Liquor License insurance will depend upon how you sell your product (ie takeout only, or bar service).

What is covered under my Ormond Beach Liquor Liability insurance policy?

With an Ormond Beach Liquor Liability Insurance policy from Capital Partners Insurance, you will be protected from expenses relation to any liquor related incidents resulting in liability. Not only does this policy cover any legal retaliation against you, but it also protects you in the even that you need to practice self-defense.
If your business manufactures or sells alcohol in Florida, you NEED to have an Ormond Beach Liquor Liability License insurance policy. Many business policies specifically exclude alcohol-related claims.