How Dogs and Other Pets Affect Homeowners Insurance Policies

Do you own a dog that is considered to be an aggressive breed, or are you considering a new pet? There are insurance facts that you should know ahead of time so you are not caught off guard. Capital Partners Insurance will work with you to find the best coverage possible, no matter what dog or other pet you consider a member of your family.

Some frequently asked questions on this topic:

I currently have a homeowners insurance policy and I am considering the adoption of a dog from the animal shelter.  What do I need to know about how this will affect my policy?

It solely depends on what type of dog is adopted, if it is a dog that is on the vicious dog list then it will be a problem, but just because it is adopted is not.

Is it true that if I have a Pit Bull or Rottweiler that I could be dropped from my homeowners policy, or that I may not be able to get insurance at all?

Yes, it is true these types of dogs are on what we call a vicious dog list. This means that statistically these dogs have a greater chance of causing harm to someone so the liability risk is greater. Most insurance companies will not write insurance for clients with these dogs; however there are some that will but they will always exclude animal liability. That means that if you own this type of dog and that dog attacks someone the liability is excluded so the carrier would not have to cover.

Do insurance companies only look at aggressive breeds or do they take into consideration other varieties, such as Labradors or Golden Retrievers?

The dogs they look at as vicious are: Rottweilers, Pit Bulls, Akitas, Dobermans, Great Danes, German Shepherds, and Chows. Please keep in mind there are some companies that have other breeds on their list but a Labrador or Golden Retriever is never on one.

Should I contact my insurance company if a guest in my home is bitten by my dog and requires medical attention?

Yes, always call your carrier if anyone is injured on your property for any reason.

Are there any other types of pets besides dogs that can affect homeowners insurance policies?

Yes, your policy is affected by ownership of any type of exotic animal, saddle animal, or farm animal. The only pets that do not usually cause a problem are domesticated animals (with the exception of the vicious breed list).

If you have additional questions about dogs and other pets in regards to your homeowners insurance policy, please contact Capital Partner Insurance.