Condominium Association Insurance – General Liability Coverage

Make sure your condominium association is protected against lawsuits

When it comes to the nitty gritty of condominium association injury or damage to property lawsuit protection, general liability insurance is what your association needs.

The Distinct Types of General Liability Insurance Claims

We see these types of claims year after year brought against Condominium Associations – slip or tip and fall claims. They can happen in the blink of an eye. For example, a resident spills a cup of coffee in the lobby, and someone else slips and injures themselves over the spilled drink. Another prime example is sidewalk damage that causes someone to trip over a crack.

Is your current Ormond Beach insurance agent physically touring your association to assess new risks?

Medical payment coverage is one of the key items covered by a condominium association general liability policy. With this coverage, any medical bills that come up will automatically be paid up to their insured limit.
Why is this important? If your policy covers the limit of the medical bills, the person who files the claim cannot continue to go after your condominium association for additional damages. What is the current coverage for medical payments on your existing policy? The more coverage the better, and you can typically increase your coverage for a very little cost increase.

Has your Ormond Beach insurance agent provided you with coverage options to protect your risk for your Condominium association?

Are you covered when someone is providing a service to your association and injures someone in a vehicle that is not owned by the condominium association? You should be! Hired and non-owned auto coverage is an addition to your coverage that you should strongly consider. An example of a claim that would be covered by this type of coverage would be someone picking up food for a conference meeting among staff and gets into an accident. If your condominium association doesn’t have this type of coverage, you may be looking at a lawsuit.
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