Ormond Beach Insurance – Business Automobile

Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach, and Palm Coast, Florida

When you own a business that has a fleet of vehicles needed to keep the company operating, you need an Ormond Beach insurance policy for these vehicles.

What is covered under a business automobile policy?

An Ormond Beach insurance policy for business automobiles is a flexible policy that covers everything from private transportation services all the way up to cross-country trucking. There’s no minimum or maximum number of vehicles needed to start a business automobile policy. We will insure your single company car, or your entire fleet of big rigs!
Your business automobile policy can include collision, comprehensive, liability, roadside assistance, labor costs for repairs, and rental car coverage.

What is not covered under a business automobile policy?

Any losses or damages that are to be handled by another insurance. For example, worker’s comp, employee to employee injuries, or any loss or damages that occur to negligence due to activities such as racing or stunts. Wear and tear, extreme temperature damage, the breakdown of electrical or mechanical systems, or tire punctures are also no covered.
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