Why should I use an independent company as opposed to going directly through one of the large insurance companies I see advertised all the time?

The answer is simple: Different people and different businesses have unique needs when it comes to Ormond Beach insurance. We offer a wide variety of insurance options and add-ons that are backed by many of the big names you know and are familiar with. Why not go directly through them? You can, any time. However, with an Ormond Beach insurance agent at Capital Partners Insurance, you will have the benefit of having a local agent whom can come assess your needs, or invite you into their office to meet any time you need our services! Not happy with the coverage you are receiving from one of the major companies that we work with but love your agent? We don’t have to part ways! We can simply look at another one of the major companies to see which one will best suit you, and begin your new policy!

We pride ourselves in being the Ormond Beach insurance experts. Not only can we provide you with a top-notch policy to protect you, your business, and your belongings, but we also take the opportunity to advise you as to the best ways you can keep these things safe.
The bottom line is, we are local, affordable, and we work to keep you, your family, your business and your belongings protected!

Contact Capital Partners Insurance and we will provide a free insurance review and estimates on all your Ormond Beach insurance needs.