Why Should I Choose Capital Partners Insurance as my trusted Ormond Beach insurance agent?

We know that we are your best choice for Ormond Beach insurance, and we can’t wait for you to give us the chance to prove this to you. Look at the following reasons why we believe you should let us show you what we can do for you and your business!

Prompt and dependable service to our clients

Our Ormond Beach insurance agents have one objective: to earn your trust and repeated business by offering you the best insurance at the most affordable prices. Our agents are honest and work for you! If we can’t give you the best quote, we will find out who can and put you in touch with them.

We take your confidentiality seriously

When you provide Capital Partners Insurance with you personal and financial information, you can rest assured that we take the utmost security measures to keep this information safe and exposed to only those working directly with your policy.

A worry-free experience from the get go

Insurance can be an anxiety inducing part of one’s personal and business life, but it doesn’t have to be. We are the Ormond Beach insurance experts so you don’t have to be! Our Ormond Beach insurance agents take the time to discuss every aspect of your policy with you so that there is zero confusion. Have a question about something that seems unclear? Just give your agent a call and they would be happy to explain anything about your policy, or questions about additional coverage you may have!

Annual policy review

Just as we said above, we are the experts on your Ormond Beach insurance policy so that you don’t have to be. That means each year we will review your coverage, and, if necessary, your property for any improvements or hazards, to see if any changes in your policies need to be made.

Crisis preparation

To be a Floridian and not be prepared for any type of emergency or natural disaster that life and nature can throw at you is unheard of. But, the number of individuals and businesses that have an emergency plan in place is not as high as one would expect. At Capital Partners Insurance we will make sure your policy covers you for any type of emergency, before panic time comes.

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