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Did you know that if you operate a construction business in the state of Florida with just one employee, the state requires that you have a worker’s comp policy in place? If you operate a non-construction type business, you are exempt from having to have workers comp until you hire your fourth employee. As an owner, you are excluded from the employee count, as are your officers if you have any, however a valid exemption must be filed with the state.
Whether you employ a staff of 5 or 500, your business needs to have a solid workers comp policy in place. Workers comp policies kick in when employees are injured on the job, or because of illnesses or diseases that are a direct result of working conditions the employee was subjected to. Not only does workers comp insurance protect your employees, it also protects you! Without a good workers comp policy in place, you can be held liable for the employee’s medical expense, as well as lost wage payments.
Let your Ormond Beach insurance agent at Capital Partners Insurance set up the best workers comp policy for your business.