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If you rent your home or workspace, it is important that you purchase a renter’s insurance policy to cover your belongings in the event of a natural disaster or theft. No matter the length of time you are renting the property, you want your personal property to be safe, and a renter’s policy makes that possible for not a lot of money.
Most often, a renter’s insurance policy kicks in in the event of a fire or theft-related loss. The type of coverage that you will have with an Ormond Beach renters insurance policy depends on several different factors including but not limited to:

  • How many persons occupy the dwelling
  • Any security system or hired security protecting the dwelling
  • The location of the dwelling
  • The construction of the dwelling
  • What the contents of the dwelling are valued at including furniture, electronics and jewelry

You will want to make sure that you cover the contents of your rental accordingly in the event of a loss. It is also wise to have a photograph of valuables and any recent appraisals stored in a fireproof safe with a lock. In the event of a loss it will be easier and faster for you to receive a payout for these items with this documentation.

Personal liability is related to many factors such as who lives in the unit, what pets are kept, and what activities and hobbies are engaged in. Capital Partners Insurance provides free quotes on renters insurance for the Ormond Beach, Daytona, and Palm Coast area.