Ormond Beach Automobile Insurance – Property Damage Liability

This section will go over the basics of Ormond Beach insurance in regards to collision and comprehensive coverage.

Automobile Insurance Collision Coverage

If your car collides with any object and overturns resulting in damage, or if your car is damaged by a pothole in the road, collision coverage comes into play. It doesn’t matter if you are at fault for the accident or not, once you pay the deductible, your collision coverage covers the remainder of the repair bill.

Automobile Insurance Comprehensive Coverage

So, what happens if someone steals your automobile? What if your automobile is damaged by nature, weather, or is vandalized? This is when your comprehensive coverage takes care of you!
Give your Ormond Beach insurance agent a call today so we can discuss the different deductibles for each of these coverages. In some cases, comprehensive coverage will fix a chipped or shattered windshield with no deductible needing to be met at all!