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American Collectors 800-257-5758
American Integrity 866-277-9871 Hurricane: 844-692-4421
American Strategic Insurance Corp 866-274-5677
American Traditions/Modern USA 866-270-8430
Auto Owners 888-252-4626
Auto Owners Flood 877-254-6819
Avatar 877-233-3237
Bankers Insurance 800-765-9700
Capital Preferred 800-734-4749
Citizens Property Ins Co 866-411-2742
Chubb 800-252-4670
Cypress 877-560-5224 (24/7)
Edison 866-549-9672
Elements Property Insurance Company 866-709-8749
Federated National 800-293-2532
Fidelity Flood 800-725-9472
FHB Insurance 850-425-7522
Florida Peninsula 866-549-9672
Florida Specialty 866-554-5896
Florida Specialty Flood 800-725-9472
Foremost Bristol West 800-274-7865
Frontline Insurance 866-673-0623
Frontline Commercial
Graham Insurance Group 866-563-1771
Gulfstream 866-485-3005
Hagerty 800-385-0274
Heritage 855-415-7120 option 1
Homeowners Choice 866-324-3138
IB GREEN 877-424-7344
INFINITY 800-334-1661
Lloyd’s of London 321-202-2664
Mount Beacon 866-554-5896
National Flood Services 800-759-8656
National General 877-468-3466
Old Dominion 877-425-2467 (24/7)
Olympus 866-281-2242
Olympus Flood 866-931-1306 or 800-627-0000
Prepared Insurance Company 877-313-1824 option 2
Prepared Insurance Flood 877-254-6819
Progressive 800-925-2886
Safeco 800-332-3226
Safe Harbor 866-482-5246
Safe Point 855-252-4615
Saint Johns 877-748-2059
Seacoast Brokers 404-751-4400
Security First 877-581-4862
Southern Fidelity Insurance 866-722-4995
Southern Insurance Underwriters 678-498-4750 Toll Free 800-568-1700
Southern Oak 877-900-2280
TAPCO 800-334-5579 option 3 then option 4
Tower Hill 800-342-3407
Tower Hill Flood 877-254-6819
Typ Tap 844-289-7968 option 3
United 800-861-4370
United Specialty 888-683-2266 extension 103
United Property and Casualty 888-256-3378
Universal 800-470-0599
Universal North America 866-458-4262
US Assure (Zurich Ins Serv Inc.) 800-987-3373
USLI 888-875-5231 (24/7)
Velocity 844-878-2567
Weston 877-505-3040
Western World 201-847-8600
Wright Flood 800-725-9472