Ormond Beach Insurance – Business Owner Insurance

Ormond Beach, Daytona Beach, and Palm Coast, Florida

Are you a small business owner looking to protect your assets? Let us provide you with a business owner Ormond Beach insurance policy. Our business owner policies will cover your property as well as any liabilities.
Many kinds of businesses are eligible for a business owner policy. Some examples of small businesses that we cover are dining establishments, gas stations, small business offices, and local retail shops.
What Does It Cover?

Business Owner Policies will protect buildings and elements such as additions (completed or being built), indoor and outdoor fixtures, machinery and equipment, landlord furnishings, and maintenance property such as landscaping equipment.

The coverage applies to materials, equipment, supplies and temporary structures located near the insured premises, as well as outdoor furniture, floor coverings, and appliances used for refrigerating, ventilating, cooking, dishwashing, and laundering.

Both property located inside or immediately outside the covered buildings is covered. Business personal property insurance for office equipment and furniture applies to that which you own, lease, or control as long as it is being used by the business.

The liability coverage of the BOP provides comprehensive protection for claims or suits made by others. This liability covers losses that involve injury to other persons or damage to others’ property.

There is some limited protection against personal injury like slander or libel or advertising injury, and losses involving an operation’s products or services.

What is covered under a business owner insurance policy?

A business owner Ormond Beach insurance policy covers buildings (existing or under construction), fixtures (indoor and outdoor), and equipment, indoor and outdoor furnishings, appliances, and flooring. Any items that are inside or directly outside the structure are covered as well. Office equipment falls under this type of policy as well, under the condition that you are using it for the operations of the business.
The business owner insurance policy liability coverage will protect you against and claims filed against your business by any outside party, whether it be due to injury or property damage.

What isn’t covered by a business owner insurance policy?

While our business owner Ormond Beach insurance policies cover most aspects of your business, things like monetary loss, company vehicle damage or loss, illegal items, crops and land are not covered by this type of policy.
You can always add supplemental coverage to your business owners insurance policy to protect important documents, decomposition, accounts receivable, and acts of God.